David Mostrom

YOUR STUDIES TOOK YOU ALL OVER EUROPE. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE ARCHITECTURAL DISCOVERY? The Villa Lante at Bagnaia in central Italy. It is a beautiful garden villa that perfectly encapsulates the ideals of the Italian Renaissance.

IN A CULTURE OBSESSED WITH MODERN DESIGN, WHAT’S YOUR BEST ARGUMENT FOR CELEBRATING TRADITIONAL ARCHITECTURE? We respond to buildings and places that remind us of tradition and give us a connection to the past. Traditional architecture is based on principles that reflect the world in which we live. It has been developed and perfected over hundreds of years. It gives a place meaning and order—from the portal of an arcade to the public plaza of a town square.

TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW. I was a competitive figure skater and went to Junior Nationals. I coached skating for several years after competing with students ranging from the beginner level to advanced.