2016 Canstruction: The Ti-CAN-ic

It’s “Movie Night” at the National Building Museum this week, where building and architecture firms from around the area are participating in the annual CANstruction Challenge, which benefits the Capital Area Food Bank. Our choice under the movie theme was a no-brainer:

“Ti-CAN-ic: Turning the Tide on Hunger”


We used this sketch as a guide for the construction on Sunday afternoon, where we used 5,484 cans to create a ship’s bow of healthy vegetables, cannellini beans, and beef broth that cuts through a sea of water bottles as tins of sardines swim in its wake. A few ice caps of Gatorade Glacier Freeze bob in the distance for a touch of dramatic foreshadowing—and a nod to another inspiration, the Building Museum’s ICEBERGS exhibit this past summer.

Here’s how it came together:












Our protagonists, Jack and Rose (truly corned beef and caviar), are front and center. You almost hear “My Heart CAN Go On” as they stretch out their arms and soar. (Hopefully they notice the ample Lifesavers placed strategically deck-side.)








Thanks to our team members (and their CAN-scripted children) for all their help:
Hannah Weber, captain
Sydney Katz
Stephen Howard
Alina del Castillo
Nancy Rizk
(with support from Susan Sapiro of Horizon Builders!)

If you and your family are looking for something to do over the Thanksgiving weekend, we hope you will stop by the display, which includes the work of 25 teams riffing on movies for the sake of beating hunger in our local neighborhoods.

Here’s what will be donated from our ship-shape project once the display comes down:

Libby’s Gourmet Whole Kernel White Corn: 768 Cans
Bush’s Best Black Beans: 132 Cans
Chicken of the Sea Tuna Chunk White in Water: 12 Cans
Chicken of the Sea Sardines in Water: 24 Cans
Nestle Water Pure Life: 504 Bottles
Gatorade G Frost Glacier Freeze: 72 Bottles
Gatorade G All Stars Ice Punch: 48 Bottles
O Organic Cannellini Beans: 900 Cans
Safeway Kitchens Beef Broth: 120 Cans
Safeway Kitchens Chicken Broth: 1,608 Cans
Safeway Kitchens Chili Beans in Sauce: 336 Cans
Safeway Kitchens Mixed Vegetables: 960 Cans