A Kitchen-Design Collaboration

It’s always gratifying to see a former project pop up in the newspaper, like this one did today in The Washington Post:

This image of a kitchen we designed in Great Falls, VA, with Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath shows a swath of Calacatta Gold marble across the countertops and up onto the rear backsplash. Photographs by Bob Narod.

The story is about the attractiveness of natural stone such as marble on kitchen countertops, despite it being subject to stains and scratches. “My countertops have nicks along their edges where I’ve accidentally banged a heavy pot, and their share of stains,” Elizabeth Mayhew writes in her Local Living column, “but neither scrape nor spot bother me; they are evidence of time well spent, food made and enjoyed.”

Jennifer helped the owner choose a stone that would have a bold impact. As you can see in these other views, it was Mission Accomplished:



Could you believe this lovely kitchen used to look like this?

The main issue here was orientation. As you can discern in the “before” photo, the kitchen was against the home’s exterior wall. Save for one small window over the sink, there was no proper view toward the expansive back yard.

Here’s the plan as it originally existed:

Working with Jennifer, Steve Vanze and Miriam Dillon created a new layout that moved the kitchen to the other side and opened up that wall to the views. Anyone cooking in the kitchen now can look out through a glass wall toward the property’s pastoral views, Steve says.

Symmetry and storage was also a top priority as the design evolved, Miriam points out. Notice the two island sinks that anchor each side of the island, across from matching sets of cabinetry and appliance garages that flank the central range and prominent vent hood. “It was a clean, sophisticated look with modern accents,” Miriam says.

No wonder this delightful new look graces the cover of Jennifer’s book, “The Kitchen Bible.”