CAN’t Stop the Beet! Canstruction 2018

It’s that time of year! Barnes Vanze is once again participating in CANstruction, a nationwide program in the architecture and design community to raise awareness about hunger.  In the local competition organized by the Washington Architectural Foundation and the Capital Area Food Bank, local architects, builders and suppliers compete to build structures with canned food and other non-perishable packages—all of which are donated to the food bank after Thanksgiving.

This year’s theme is music to our ears: CAN’t Stop the Beet!

Fantasia—or, shall we say, CAN-tasia—is our entry, and the Wizard’s Hat that Mickey Mouse stole, only the suffer the consequences, is our muse. Starkist Tuna, naturally, is our method.

And here’s our punny submission to go with it, courtesy of BVA’s Hannah Myers:

We can’t think of anything more magical than ending hunger in our community. That’s why this year our “CAN’t Stop the Beet!” sculpture features everyone’s favorite magical musical, Fantasia, or, Can-tasia! Gaze upon Mickey’s Starkist wizard cap and imagine with us a gang of autonomous mops wiping hunger out – to the tuna the beat! Mickey lentils an ear to help compose our melodic meal in-can-tation. Bean-eath the brim of his hat, he is imagining a savory symphony! And it’s not just a can-tasy – you too can play a part in the percussion section of the orchestra: every time a donation is dropped into the box it produces the most scrumptious staccato sound! Lettuce join in a crescendo of cans and together drown out the din of hunger.

The competition starts Sunday, Nov. 18, at the National Building Museum, and the displays stay up through Sunday, Nov. 25. The public is invited to vote on their favorite designs on Black Friday, Nov. 23.

As we gather our groceries to plan and build our display, we would love some help! If you are able to assist us in the fight against hunger, please visit our fundraising page, right here.