Alec Sanderson

YOU’VE SPENT A LOT OF TIME IN THE MIDWEST. WHAT BUILDINGS INSPIRE YOU? I have always admired Chicago’s iconic high-rise buildings like the Tribune Tower and the Wrigley Building that, regardless of having more than 20 stories, are beautiful and belong in Chicago no less than the Capitol Building belongs in D.C. or Beacon Hill belongs in Boston.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT WATERCOLOR RENDERINGS, VS. SKETCHING OR CAD? The mindfulness of the process. Unlike my sketching, watercolor rendering takes a lot more time. The paper needs to be stretched and the colors mixed, washes must dry before another is applied, and mistakes are painfully avoided. And unlike CAD drawings, the finished product displays the entirety of the process that went into it.

TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW. I had a comic strip for a brief period of time when I was a kid. It was called Meatloaf Millie, the protagonist being my family’s senile old beagle named Mildred. Meatloaf Millie enjoyed taking extensive naps, howling at the neighborhood dogs, and getting her leash impossibly tangled.