Hannah Bock

YOU WERE A FINALIST IN A PRESTIGIOUS NATIONAL FURNITURE DESIGN COMPETITION LAST YEAR. TELL US ABOUT YOUR ENTRY. The task was to take an old row house in the Rust Belt and convert it to an art gallery and residence. I took inspiration from the railroad steel mills in the area and created a scaffolding system that supported the second floor of the gallery, which was made of illuminated glass. The artwork was suspended throughout on pulleys and floating walls, creating a juxtaposition between raw architecture and the finished artwork. It was a fun project that helped me realize inspiration can come from anything.

DOES YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A FORMER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER HELP YOU IN THE DESIGN PROFESSION? Yes, with multitasking! On any given day as a teacher, you’re dealing with students, parents, lessons, testing, administrators—the list goes on. You must learn to manage a bunch of different challenges at the same time, and the same is true in my new profession, as we work on many different projects at once and try to execute them all to our clients’ delight.

TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW. I grew up in the business. My dad is a home builder and I grew up running around construction sites. There’s even a neighborhood named after me in Atlanta.