Hannah Myers

You spent most of your life in Michigan. Why DC? I have a background in classical architecture, and am interested in studying how this tradition is translated from its origins in Europe to its unique manifestation in the United States. The east coast in general, and our capital in particular, are the best places to find examples of American Classicism.

So, you’ve also been a chemistry lab technician and assembly line worker. I couldn’t find a job in architecture as a summer intern in Michigan, so I went after any job opportunity, no matter how inconvenient or unexpected. These experiences, though irrelevant to my professional CV, continue to help me approach problems from different perspectives—and ultimately, I’m not afraid to try something new.

Tell us something we don’t know: In graduate school on a field trip to Athens, I got to stand inside the Parthenon during its restoration. That is probably the coolest thing I have ever experienced.