Matthew Fiehn

How did you get into residential design? I used to practice architecture in healthcare. The altruistic component was appealing. However, I much prefer closely working with clients on a personal level, helping them to achieve their dreams of a home.

You’re rockin’ that bow tie. I wear them pretty much every day. As one of the few people in the office who still draws with pen and ink (in addition to CAD), they stay out of my way at the drafting board.

Tell us something we don’t know: I like banging on things until they break. Which is to say, I’m interested in the science of how buildings perform. If at all possible, I try out materials and assemblies at home to evaluate how they work before we use them on clients’ homes. I read up on the new theories and materials, go to seminars, interview manufacturers, and even go to the factories where they make the product.