Michael Patrick

Your portfolio is full of college buildings and churches; why are you drawn to them? Because they’re rich in meaning. I’ve had fun designing buildings and campuses for airports, hospitals, government centers and mixed-use/office complexes, but ultimately, I realized that I want to be working on projects that support and build up the human mind and spirit.

Most inspirational college-campus architecture: My favorite building façade in general is Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Glasgow School of Art. It combines the richness of beautiful natural materials, placed and worked by hand, with pure innovation and the latest in technology. On each campus, I try to bring forward this spirit of the best of tradition and modernity, in a way that fits its own time and place.

Most awe-inspiring church structure: I’m completely taken by the 5th-to-9th century, Byzantine-inspired early Christian churches of Rome. They combine utter simplicity with an unbelievably beautiful decorative program, and they express a sacred iconography that I’m drawn to.  

Tell us something we don’t know: I love to dance, especially Argentinian Social Tango (not the fancy stuff!).