Nancy Rizk

What brought you to the United States? I moved here with my husband in 2013. It was the beginning of a new venture for me where I also wanted to take advantage of the opportunities provided here to advance my knowledge and skill sets to take my architectural career to the next level.

You once worked on a huge commercial project in Doha, Qatar—how does that compare to architecture we see here? The architecture in Doha and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region is quite different from the U.S. One of the main reasons is that historically, the U.S. has gone through various phases of architectural developments, but the gulf region didn’t have any distinct architectural aesthetic prior to the oil boom. Since the economic revolution, the Gulf States have imported their architectural concepts from Europe and the U.S. with a very modern taste, while keeping the gulf’s cultural touch in all their designs.

Tell us something we don’t know: If I weren’t an architect, I’d want to be a fashion designer! Elie Saab is my favorite inspiration.