Amanda Cantarella

What inspired you about the architecture in your hometown? During the mid-20th century, prominent modern architects covered the Long Island landscape with their pioneering designs, injecting an earnest contemporary vocabulary into a once-traditional shoreline. These Americanized Bauhaus-style homes expressed an entirely innovative social ideal—a clear set of new suburban values. They placed considerable importance on minimalism, instilling in me the true significance of function. These historic buildings remain a profound influence on that unique stretch of land just east of Manhattan.

You scout, stage, and coordinate BVA’s photo shoots. What’s your secret to creating a top-notch picture? In a word, editing. Selectively omitting superfluous items from the area being photographed and post-production digital touch-ups are essential to producing a beautifully composed and well-balanced image.

Tell us something we don’t know: I once worked as a booking agent for Ford Models in New York City.